Sure there’s me on the telly – RTE Two Tube

If you follow me on the twitterz or your mates with me on the old facetube, you’ll no doubt have seen me post about the GoldenPlec Magazine we launched last week.¬†For more information on the mag – click here (link coming soon). In our quest to promote the arse off the new magazine, we were

Chattin’ breeze with a few fellas – Event Brite Panel

I was asked along to take part in a panel discussion about music in a digital age. The discussion took place on Dawson Street in Dublin – organised by the gang over at Event Brite – Dublin. On the day, I was joined by: Laurence Mackin, editor of The Ticket (Irish Times) – Moderator Eoin

My Year in Music – 2013 – Part 1

In 2013, every week or so I’d take note of each gig I went to and logged it into this not so fancy list of gigs. In total, I took in 209 acts, 49 venues, 2 countries, 16 counties, 240’ish hours and a fair few pints. If you want to check out the full list,

Festival jibber-jabber you say?

  As promised on the first blog; the updates in the blog section have been, and will continue to be, sparse. I have been beavering away over the past few weeks with some exciting new projects coming up and trying to sort out the backlog of projects to go up here too. All of this

It’s Chico time … I mean blogging time!

ell, I’ve had this website for over a year now. The thrill of getting your name plus a dot com at the end, has long since faded away, especially as the bill comes in at the end of the year. So as the reminder that I needed to update the subscription for my website came