Festival jibber-jabber you say?


As promised on the first blog; the updates in the blog section have been, and will continue to be, sparse. I have been beavering away over the past few weeks with some exciting new projects coming up and trying to sort out the backlog of projects to go up here too. All of this while I swan around inner-city Dublin acting the big dick. SPOOF. My evenings lately have consisted of emails, spreadsheets, liaising with band management and watching Storage Hunters.

Last week before I popped along to Justin Trousersnake in the Phonex Park (review here), I took a call from Shane Prunty from Totally Irish on 98FM.

Myself and Elaine Buckley (another Dublin-based music scribbler) talked about the inaugural Longitude festival and gave our opinions on; Will the city festival model work? Irish representation on the bill? Who were we looking forward to seeing? and more.

You can have a listen below (I think you probably already have as it autoplays and I can't turn it off) or you know, not.


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