Connor Linnie – I’m on Fire | Video

Tea & Toast Jam Charity Event at Knockanstockan
Client www, Date January 17th 2013

Conor Linnie is no stranger to us here at GoldenPlec, nor is he a stranger to our Coast to Coast; Tea & Toast endeavours. In our cross-country travels for charity earlier in 2013, we stopped in the beautiful environs of Blessington lake to meet the handsome prince of Irish folk. Fast forward just a few months later and we found ourselves inviting young Conor back to our Tea & Toast Jam at Knockanstockan (Blessington) once more for another cup of tea and slice of jammy bread.

Conor himself enjoyed a very successful 2013 which saw him release his debut album ‘Astray’, which you can listen to here. So have a listen, but if you’ve already spun that album countless times on the old CD machine, why not sample Conor sampling a bit of the Boss himself; I’m on Fire by the Boss to be exact. Enjoy.

Yes yes, those of you have enjoyed our other Knockanstockan videos from the summer will note the gap in between this and the last video. Unfortunately, there is no other excuse other than to say that there is no excuse at all. But cometh the new year, cometh the new/old videos that are sitting on our lovely new editing computer just begging to be released. And if you must know, the real kick up the arse came when all that avalanche of memories came thundering back when we saw this video from The Eskies performance at Knockanstockan –  amazing.


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