Dave Bowe – Travelling Man | Video

Coast To Coast: Tea & Toast Charity Event
Client www.goldenplec.com Date 30th March 2013

David Bowe has just started recording his new album so we popped into the studio yesterday and caught him for one of the songs that'll be appearing on the album. Golden Egg Studios was a wonderful space that is designed by a team of award winning international studio design experts.

This event was in promotion for GoldenPlec's Coast to Coast: Tea & Toast charity event in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. See more info http://www.goo.gl/Arx8o.

Produced by: Aidan Cuffe & Ros Madigan
Footage by: Ros Madigan & Chris Cashen
Edited by: Aidan Cuffe & Ros Madigan
Audio by: Brian at Goldenegg Studios
SLR footage for future videos by John White & Gavin O'Leary

Video recorded on Nokia Lumia 920's

david bowedavid bowe2


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