Mongoose – Woman on the Beat | Video

Producer / Boom Operator
Client Date June 11th, 2014

Yes, it’s fair to say that we’ve been fawning over Mongoose for quite some time now. We first latched our elf-like ears to their rumblings at Knockanstockan on the Fairy Field stage. With little or nothing online to tide us over, we tended to constantly replay the Balcony TV version of their single The Bottom Line – over and over again.

So it was little surprise to anyone that we booked them for our second #GoldenBeck gig in the Workmans Club (see photos here).

Waking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the Saturday, we made our way down to Mongoose on the main stage at Vantasival – not before munching on a massive breakfast roll of course – gotta get them priorities right!

Mongoose delighted the crowd with a fabulous set, even breaking out their ‘Lead Glock’ player on occasion. Just before we could whisk them away, they turned the whole crowd into a smorgasbord of seafaring noises – wonderfully different.

We then positioned the ladies in front of the majestic Bellurgan House county-manor. As the girls stood dwarfed by the manor, we were treated to Woman on the Beat. A single from their upcoming debut record -  “it’s coming soon” said Peter their manager, so if it doesn’t come soon, we’ll know who to blame! 🙂

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