Sandra Coffey – Baby Leave a Light On For Me | Video

Coast To Coast: Tea & Toast Charity Event
Client Date 29th March 2013

Sandra Coffey - Singer in the Heritage Centre in Athenry, Co. Galway. What an amazing location!

This event was in promotion for GoldenPlec's Coast to Coast: Tea & Toast charity event in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. See more info

Shot on location in the Heritage Centre in Athenry

Produced by: Aidan Cuffe & Ros Madigan
Footage by: Ros Madigan & Chris Cashen
Edited by: Aidan Cuffe & Ros Madigan
Audio by: Aidan Cuffe
SLR footage for future videos by John White & Gavin O'Leary

Video recorded on Nokia Lumia 920's

Sandra CoffeySandra Coffey_group


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