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Client www.goldenplec.com Date July 27th 2013

The people from Knockanstockan got in contact with GoldenPlec about running a similar campaign as we did with the Coast to Coast: Tea & Toast charity event we ran on Good Friday, 2013. We immediately jumped onto the idea as both Knockanstockan and GoldenPlec have a very similar ethos and way of working; in that we both do our jobs for the love of music.

So with this, set about a long period of planning and locking down an idea to implement at this years festival. As this was to be a charity endeavor once more, we needed some content in order to satisfy our end of the bargain. We then decided to host special performances from existing KS bands on the bill. We set about inviting a key list of performers and I took charge of curating the list of bands.

The final event involved us hooking up with The Jimmy Lee Juke Joint, Pieta House, our GP crew and the KS crew. The event would see 13 bands (see timetable below) perform 20-minute sets over two days, all beginning at 12noon and finishing at 4pm. The idea was Tea & Toast Jam whereby we served tea (worked out a partnership with Barry's Tea) and toast on the morning and everyone could come along and enjoy something different from the artists normal set.

Through setbacks (no floor in our venue due to previous heavy moshing and power-loss) beyond our control, we still managed to keep the event flowing successfully and on time. When the floor (sounds mad I know) escaped us, we then chose to relocate to the fire pit which turned out to be a great idea as the sun came booming down throughout the whole event and also provided us with a large crowd.

The music was something special and provided music fans a chance to catch their favourite acts in a totally acoustic setting. We are releasing videos (see portfolio section) of one song from each act.

In the end we ended up raising over €1,000 for Pieta House. Not only are we very proud of this achievement, we also brought GoldenPlec to the public and our exact target market. We have also locked down some key contacts going forward with Knockanstockan and are already planning to do something bigger and better next year.

All in all, a massive success.

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