The Rusty Fixtures – Fingertip Talking | Video

Coast To Coast: Tea & Toast Charity Event
Client Date 29th March 2013

We were losing light fast near the end of the day so we don't have as many photos or the video quality we might like. There's always next year, eh? :)

This event was in promotion for GoldenPlec's Coast to Coast: Tea & Toast charity event in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. See more info

Produced by: Aidan Cuffe & Ros Madigan
Footage by: Ros Madigan & Chris Cashen
Edited by: Aidan Cuffe & Ros Madigan
Audio by: Aidan Cuffe & John White
SLR footage for future videos by John White & Gavin O'Leary

Video recorded on Nokia Lumia 920's

The Rusty Fixtures


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