The Viking Project – The Longest Day | Video

Producer / Boom Operator
Client Date June 4th, 2014

Us folk here at GoldenPlec have been wanting to get The Viking Project involved in something for many a moon. So when the opportunity arose for us to not only catch them on our GoldenPlec themed Vanhalla stage at Vantastival, but also to drag the guys behind the scenes of the beautiful Bellurgan House stately-manor for a video – we promptly jumped on the chance.

In truth, we really struggled to find the perfect location for this shoot. It was the second last shoot of our five shoots over the weekend and every location that we scouted just didn’t really fit. From trampling/breaking fences, to interrupting the Vantastival crew as they ate their hard-earned lunch in a pretty walled-garden. We finally found a dusty, mucky country-trail where we gave a lost American couple directions; we thought we had it.

After calling the band to our location and giving them horrendous directions which comprised of “you know that big tree in front of the window of the house? Yea? Right, well not that.” Typically enough, upon arrival of the band, the clouds began to open and a mist of downpour clothed our bodies, our equipment and most distressingly; the bands beautiful banjo. In an attempt to shelter from the damp mist, we sought refuge under a huge tree decked with pink flowers and branches (see full set of behind the scenes photos here).

“Let’s do it under the Japanese Maple tree”, Michael Purcell from the band declared; much to the slaggings and banter of the crew and his band members – despite him being perfectly correct. A perfect setting for a truly stunning cover of the Megafaun song ‘The Longest Day’. I don’t know about you guys, but we’ve already decided that this cover does in fact outdo its parent song.

Big thanks to Anchor House Media (Stephen Conkey, Dean Murray, Edel Kenny), Anna Job, Sean Smyth and the Vantastival crew.

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