Ah sure would you look...


Well you must be a nosey little bugger, coming on here with your clickety-click-clicks. I suppose I'll tell you a bit about more about myself then.

Note: I will for the remainder of this page speak about myself in the third person. My aim is to make the next few paragraphs as preciously self-deprecating as possible.

Ros was the first of twelve children, born to a three-legged sailor and a swimwear model, he spent many years at sea perfecting his horticulture knowledge before a tragic boating accident involving an owl and a stack of DVD's led him back to the mainland of Costa Rica.

On his return, Ros had a brief stint as a raffle ticket salesman before taking an early retirement. He settled in the hills beneath Mordor where he built his own log cabin with his one remanding hand (his other hand was lost due to an unfortunate log cabin building experience in his youth).

Ros lives in the hills, alone, with only his pet microwave as company.

Fun fact: Ros was not born in the 70's, but if he were, some believe that he would have developed and tested a radioactive hamster wheel solely powered on memories and shame.

In summary; Ros is a young media professional from Dublin. Currently working in copywriting, Ros is interested in radio, TV, journalism and video production.