Sure there’s me on the telly – RTE Two Tube

If you follow me on the twitterz or your mates with me on the old facetube, you'll no doubt have seen me post about the GoldenPlec Magazine we launched last week. For more information on the mag - click here (link coming soon).

In our quest to promote the arse off the new magazine, we were invited on to the wonderful Two Tube on RTE 2 to have a chat about the magazine.

Myself and the main bo$$ man (Aidan 'All about the beard' Cuffe) made our way out Donnybrook way. The whole gang at Two Tube were great. From Sharon (our researcher/tour guide mate) to Blaithnaid (the presenter) to Dan (the sound man, who it turned out, we were organising a feature article with for GP - small world).

Have a gander at the video above.


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