Was asked to speak at a student online conference for DKIT 🗣️

Enjoyed this! Was delighted to be asked by the auld alma mater Dundalk Institute of Technology to speak at a virtual panel recently on the topic of ‘Carving your own career in the creative industry’.

I'm a big supporter of all things DkIT, having loved my time there 10 years ago (jaysus). The chat we had was brilliant and covered many aspects of setting yourself up for a career in the creative industry, navigating the free work/intern/passion project landscape and keeping on top of the ever-changing technical aspects of the industry.

Having spoken on a few panels in the past, it was really interesting that the 4 panelists involved had the same pathway in to the industry, shared the same advice and had similar hope for job prospects in a not-so-certain Covid future.

I was joined on the panel by fellow Creative Media, DkIT alumni Elena Rimeikaite (Head of Design at Kooba), Colin Guilfoyle (Founder at Nebula Interactive) & Ronan McQuillan (Music Composer) - a class bunch!

Thanks Anthony MurrayCatherine Staunton & Danielle Kerins for setting it all up.


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